Category: Sleeping Beauties and Late-Bloomers

Life as a Sleeping Beauty

If you were ever a ‘Sleeping Beauty’, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. . . I was born and grew up in a small town in the south at a time when girls were supposed to grow up, get


Life as a Late Bloomer

I know, you just about told it all in ‘Awakening’. But this is your bragging place, the place you can say all the things about your life that you didn’t get a chance to say before; the place you can


Definition of a Late Bloomer

Sela Ward, the actress, was quoted recently in Parade Magazine calling herself a ‘late-bloomer’ because she didn’t start acting until she was in her twenties. This, in itself, does not qualify her for a place in The Late-Bloomer Chronicle. I


Nutley AAUW and the Cello

I gave a book talk on my special theme of a woman becoming what she can be.  It was at the seasonal kick-off dinner for the Nutley Chapter of AAUW.  I think I passed on my enthusiasm.  While I was signing books