Maxine Cantrell, agent for JOB, an international organization designed to stamp out terrorism, is given her toughest assignment yet when she is asked by her boss and former husband Duncan to track down the Trophy Art seized by the Nazis and hidden by the occupying Russians at the end of World War II.  The priceless masterpieces will fetch a high price among connoisseurs and collectors on the underground market, and the Bureau believes that the money will be used to fund right-wing extremists in the former Soviet Union and Seif Al_Deen, a group of Muslim fanatics who are already determined to exact revenge upon Maxine for killing one of their top agents.

From London to Paris and Moscow, the Trophy Art conspiracy leaves a trail of corpses in its wake.  Maxine and her Team Paradox soon realize there is more at stake than a few valuable paintings as her every move seems to be anticipated, and she must discover what the real purpose of her assignment is before it’s too late.

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…suspenseful, fun, with a lively cast of characters, including the Bond-like Pappy, eccentric Edith, and the remarkably resourceful Sam.  But Maxine is ever center-stage as she and Team Paradox determine who is selling the Trophy Art and why they are killing the art collectors eager to buy the masterpieces that have supposedly been missing for hundreds of years.

Carolyn Stone, In From the Cold

Ms. Kelchner has given us a heroine for the new century.  Maxine lives hard and loves hard, and though she lives in a tough world, her compassion and determination to do the right thing even in the face of her superiors orders to the contrary are admirable traits.

      Helen Trimborn, Heedless Heart

A thrilling rollercoaster ride through the world of international espionage.

                                                          Sorcha MacMurrough, Ghost from the Past