Sela Ward, the actress, was quoted recently in Parade Magazine calling herself a ‘late-bloomer’ because she didn’t start acting until she was in her twenties. This, in itself, does not qualify her for a place in The Late-Bloomer Chronicle. I call myself a ‘late-bloomer’ because I went back to school late, started teaching late, and started writing even later. This, in itself, does not qualify me for a place in The Late-Bloomer Chronicle. But I do qualify because…

  1. I had a Life as a Sleeping Beauty.
  2. I experienced an Unexpected Jolt.
  3. I am Awakening to myself and what I can be.

After reading the basic criteria, you may easily fit your life into these three stages, but like me, your life may not be so easily divided. For example, you may not have been jolted out of your world as a ‘Sleeping Beauty’, it may have been a gradual thing, the jolt, more like a nudge—the last straw. Also, the jolt may have placed you in a bad place—the dusk before the dawn—I call mine the ‘dark ages’. And you may find it difficult to separate this period from the moment you started moving on.

Maybe you will need to read more of my blogs, including Awakening is a Good Word and spend more time on the form I have included. Whether you submit your life or not, you will likely benefit from thinking about it in, what might seem, a calculated fashion. You may like what you see—if not—well, that’s up to you…