The votes are in!  Lisa Murkowski just won her Senate seat in Alaska!  It’s no small feat to be elected as a write-in candidate; in fact, it’s no small feat these days for a woman to win an election, much less–a woman write-in?  There are only 17 women in the Senate, including Murkowski.  I don’t believe in voting for a woman just because she’s a woman, but if she’s qualified, the fact that she’s a woman should weigh heavily.  Women think different.  We’re a balance for men.  Isn’t that why we exist?  Christine de Pisan, the early Renaissance poet and writer. wrote in her book , City of Ladies, that we are more inclined to seek peace, to be the means of peace and concord, to work for the avoidance of war because of the trouble that can come of it.  Ladies in particular ought to attend to this business, for men are by nature more courageous and more hot-headed; and the great desire they have to avenge themselves prevents their considering either the perils or the evils that result from war.  But women are by nature more timid and also of a sweeter disposition and for this reason, if they are wise and if they wish to, they can be the best means of pacifying men. Don’t you love it?!  I rest my case.

I’m thinking that this could also mean that Alaska is getting tired of Sarah Palin telling them what to do?  That maybe they wanted to show that Palin and Alaska aren’t the same thing?  That the nasty little section of the “Tea Partiers” that Joe Miller represented isn’t even a ‘Tea Party’ that they can believe in.  I love Alaska! I was there and it’s fresh and clean, proud and tough.  In fact, I’m going to write a Blog about my visit there.   Isn’t it also time for Bristol to go home?

P.S.  Read Gail Collins essay “Alaska Speaks. Finally. NYTime 11/18