When our daughter and son-in-law invited us to go to Paris for New Year’s, they said that they would get the plane reservations and the hotel but “You plan it!”  Hmmmmm?  Plan 5 days, and my daughter had never been there, her husband had only been there on business and my husband and I hadn’t been there in over 30 years–we took the sightseeing route.

  • The first day, we went to Musee d’ Orsay.
  • The second day, we hired a car and guide to take us around the city. ( Ask for his name if you go.)
  • The third day, we spent at the Louvre.
  • The fourth day, our car and guide came back and we went to Versaille.
  • The fifth day–that was New Year’s Day–we went to a concert of Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons” in a very old church that was very moldy.  

But New Year’s Eve–that was the key to the holiday, and it had to be a memory of Paris that we could only get in Paris.  We decided to dine elegantly on epicurean masterpieces concocted in a quintessential French restaurant, and with the help of our hotel concierge–contacted before we left–we chose Le Crystal Room Bacarrat —it’s also a Bacarrat Crystal museum–where we  were served a 7-course meal from 9pm to almost 1am.


  1. Delight of cucumber in the mint, caviar from Aquitaine,   sweetness of Manzana
  2. Foie Gras perfumed with juniper berries, turnips in bitter sweet
  3. Sliced Scallops from Erquy with combawa
  4. Blue Lobster warmed to Champagne, artichokes with truffle
  5. Farmer Poultry suprememe rasted way “Rossini”, conchiglionis with truffle and parmesan cheese  (Did you know that truffles are the most expensive food.  A pound of white truffles costs about $2000.)
  6. Lemon Macaroon and its sorbet
  7. Variation around the chocolate                  

Bon Appetit