I’ve been away, oh, not away, like gone fishin’ away–I’ve written that blog.  No, away, like Hawaii away.  Did you know there are no seagulls in Hawaii?  Well, we flew cross country to San Diego then we sailed the ocean blue–the Pacific is very blue.  It took five days to get there.  Did you know that Hawaii is further away from other land masses than any other place in the world?  It’s that isolated! It seemed like we would never get there and by the time we got back to California, I felt very much like the Ancient Mariner–you know, Coleridge’s  water, water everywhere man.  I recall these words I have given to one of the women I am developing . . . ,  I have always loved the sea, its salty breeze against my face, blowing my hair and filling my nostrils; its relentless and uncompromising power, its irrefutable constancy. Awed by its secrets, I have stood on its shores demanding to know them and imagining others doing much the same at strange places beyond the horizon, facing me, our thoughts touching. Yes, I love the sea, but I think I love it more if I’m on solid ground.  Did you know that Hawaii doesn’t produce pineapples anymore?