The Home Section of the NYTimes, 8/26, featured a story about Dr. Mary Catherine Bateson, the daughter of Margaret Mead . Mead was a cultural anthropologist and quite the thing in the 60’s and 70’s on media talk shows with her avant garde studies. Her views contributed to the sexual revolution in America. Included in her studies were children, and her daughter, Dr. Bateson, an anthropologist herself, was probably the most studied child ever. To my point, much of Dr. Bateson’s work ‘digs deep into the ways women’s careers take second place to their husbands’. Well, of couse, they do; we don’t make as much money; it’s still a man’s world and we fit in where we can, and so on . . . . That’s why Late-Bloomers are so special. They’re forging the stream, beating a path to make it easier for Awakening Sleeping Beauties coming after them. Maybe we’ll have a Late-Bloomer Revolutiion! Maybe you will help with your story. By the way, Dr. Bateson’s pediatrician was Dr. Benjamin Spock. Isn’t that neat?