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Why did Jean start Writing?

Menopause! Yes, that’s right, I started writing fiction when I was teaching English in a Girl’s High School, finishing my Masters in Liberal Studies and going through Menopause—all at the same time. Another sympathetic English teacher and I agreed that if men suffered from it there would be all sorts of cures, so we decided to each come up with an idea for a humorous story. Well, by the time we discussed it again, my idea had turned into a book and characters had begun to take over my head. I was hooked.   Backstage at the White House turned out to be a far cry from Menopause and I wrote three other books before I finished it but it all started because of it.  Strange things do happen.




*Everybody’s Fine, 2009, and Robert DeNiro


Far From the Madding Crowd, a Victorian Delight!

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  1. Annie

    Not at all ……….. I remember you saying that the characters were talking to you and telling you what was what……….isn’t it better that you wrote what they told you instead of shooting up warren/watching?……..

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